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P1N is a minimalistic approach of the "PIN Code Divination"
Practical, simple way to know in a covert way any PIN code.

You just need your participant´s phone. 
No special apps
No gimmicks
You NEVER touch the participant´s phone

Old school thinking applied to modern, natural and everyday devices.

Get P1N and add it to your toolkit of working options to create mindreading anytime, anywhere.

Just finished reading this, it's a simple, clear, and easy piece on performing pin code divinations and a method to get the info that is direct and will work on anyone's phone. The notes and ideas in this essay are useful to anyone using any pin code divination method. 
Great work Pablo !
Stuart Palm

P1N is Pablo's take on a pin code divination and it's just what you'd expect from him: a very direct, simple and bold method.   
It works with any phone (the method could even be adapted to other mediums besides a phone), anytime, anywhere.   
Pablo's main focus is to create an interesting moment of mystery for the people he performs for, and that shows in every thing I've read form him, including P1N. That might be, for me, the most important lesson on this PDF: if it's not about you, if you're not the focus, if you make it about the participants, then it will be much, much more interesting and entertaining for them and, at the same time, you'll get away with your methods much easier.  
 So, all in all I think this is a very solid routine, with a cool method and interesting ideas and food for thought for any pin code divination (or any other divination, for that matter).   
Definitely recommend it! 
Adrien Lochon

If you're a fan of the Phone Code divinations by the likes of Geriant Clark, Peter Turner and Michael Murray then this will be a welcomed tool on your belt to assist you in defining phone codes in the real world.  
 It's probably important to mention that this supports best in a readings context or something very casual. 
  If you want a challenge frame then you CAN do that, but it doesn't really help as much since this is a very casual, off beat and direct piece of mentalism theater.    
Jacob Smith

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